Poached Armagh bramley apple on winter berry compote with a rich butterscotch sauce




400 ml of good red wine (only cook with it if you would drink it)

250ml Armagh cider

1 vanilla pod split

1 tsp cinnamon

6oz caster sugar

1 orange, zest and juice

2 medium sized bramley apples – peeled, cored and cut in half

For the butterscotch sauce :
200ml of single cream
160 g brown sugar
100g cubed butter
3 tsp vanilla essence

For the compote :
200g mixed (frozen berries)
100g caster sugar
Juice of half a lemon

Method :
Heat the red wine, cider, cinnamon, caster sugar, orange zest and juice until the sugar dissolves. Add the apple halves and poach for 15 minutes or until soft – be careful not to over cook.

To ensure an even colouring, leave apples in cooking liquor for a further 45 minutes – then remove and set to one side

For the butterscotch sauce – place the sugar, butter, cream and vanilla essence in a heavy based medium saucepan, stir over medium heat for 5 minutes or until well combined. Increase the heat and bring back to the boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered, stirring constantly for 5 minutes or until sauces thickens. Remove from heat and set aside

Place the frozen berries in a medium heavy saucepan, add the sugar and lemon juice. Heat mixture until fruits are well softened and cooking liquor becomes ‘syrupy’

To serve, carefully slice apples and arrange on top of fruit compote – finish by adding warmed butterscotch sauce


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