Meet the Sally's team

Sally McNally’s

Since its re-branding in December 2011, Sally McNally’s has continued to establish itself a premier country pub and restaurant known and loved by locals and customers further afield.

Operated by John McNally and his family, the pub developed from a 2 room operation in 2007 to a sprawling restaurant with lots of inviting nooks and crannies which have bags full of charm and character.

Being passionately in charge of his kitchen John, with his brigade, has aggressively developed his menu’s making the most of his local supplier network.

‘Some speak loosely about growing their own – we just do it in our purpose built poly-tunnels. This combined with our loyal band of suppliers (who we proudly call friends) ensure the freshest of seasonal ingredients are available at all times. Special mention goes to the Ian Richardson’s, Andy McKeown’s, Hewitt Meats, Dolce & Gelato ice cream

and many more of this world – sincerely, thank you!! You know who you are.’

Sally McNally’s (named after John’s youngest daughter) has carved its niche in the local hospitality market. Those who want a leisurely pint, great food without pretention and quality live music are amongst the reasons why this establishment is on an ascendancy.

‘Sad and clichéd as it may sound but, and as much I curse it sometimes, I actually love what I do!! The most important thing about my cooking is being proud of each and every dish which leaves the pass – if pride isn’t there, simply don’t do it!!’


Over at Sally McNally’s…

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